Follows Laws and Regulations

Does the company and its leadership abide by US laws? According to our 2015 Survey, 96% indicated that lawful conduct was important in measuring the JUSTness of leadership.


Commitment to Follow Laws & Regulations

Description: Commitment to follow laws and regulations, comprising assessments of whether the company:

  1. describes in its code of conduct that it strives to maintain the highest level of general business ethics; and
  2. has appropriate communication tools (whistle blower, ombudsman, suggestion box, hotline, newsletter, website, etc.) to improve general business ethics.

Each of these two data points awarded a value of 5 if TRUE and summed.

Data Source(s): ASSET4
Metric Type: Management
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-10)

Controversies in Legal & Regulatory

Description: Number of severe and very severe cases (major scandals or systematic risk incidents) in influential and highly influential news sources occurring in the US over the past three years that pertain to the violation of national legislation.

Data Source(s): RepRisk
Metric Type: Controversy
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Number

Legal Fines and Violations

Description: Dollars of fines over the past three years from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Bureau of Industry and Security, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Fannie Mae, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Aviation Administration referral to the Justice Department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Reserve, Food and Drug Administration, Food and Drug Administration referral to the Justice Department, Freddie Mac, Justice Department Antitrust Division, Justice Department Civil Division (selected cases), Justice Department Criminal Division, Justice Department multiagency referral, Justice Department Tax Division, Mine Safety & Health Administration, Mine Safety & Health Administration settlements, National Credit Union Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration referral to the Justice Department, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Occupational Safety & Health Administration corporate-wide settlements, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Securities and Exchange Commission (FCPA cases), Securities and Exchange Commission selected cases, Southern District of New York (selected cases), Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, U.S. Department of Agriculture referral to the Justice Department.

Data Source(s): Good Jobs First Violation Tracker
Metric Type: Fine
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: US Dollars