Makes Products that are Beneficial to Health, Environment, or Society

Does the company make intrinsically beneficial products? Over 75% of respondents to our 2015 survey indicated that offering innovative products, healthy products, and/or products that have a low environmental impact were important in measuring JUST product attributes.


Commitment to Producing Beneficial and Non-Harmful Products

Description: Industry-specific assessment of products and services that are beneficial to Health, Environment, or Society. The final score is an aggregate of individual ratings on four product categories (Clean Tech, Renewable Energy, Water Tech, Tobacco) and six product attributes (Eco-design, Health & Nutrition, Financial Product Safety, Access to Finance, Access to Health, Access to Communication). Individual ratings can be either positive (Clean Tech) or negative (Tobacco) and are either based on activity levels (e.g. percent of tobacco-related revenue, percent of renewable energy capacity) or on qualitative assessment from one of the major ESG ratings firms.

Data Source(s): JUST analysis: MSCI; Sustainalytics; ASSET4; Bloomberg
Metric Type: Management
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Score