Makes Quality Products

Are products well-made? In our 2015 Survey, 97% of respondents indicated that offering reliable and safe products were important in measuring JUST product attributes.


Product Recalls

Description: Whether the company has announced a mass recall of products or has completely withdrawn a product due to defects or safety reasons.

Data Source(s): ASSET4
Metric Type: Performance
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: True or False

Product Quality

Description: The extent to which the company manages product quality, comprising assessments of:

  1. whether it applies quality management systems, such as ISO 9000, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Sigma, TQM or any other similar quality principles; and
  2. the extent to which companies are at risk of facing major product recalls or losing customer trust through major product quality concerns. Companies that proactively manage product quality by achieving certification to widely acceptable standards, undertaking extensive product testing and building processes to track raw materials or components score higher. Companies that take a reactive approach to managing recalls and product quality concerns score lower.

Data point 1 assigned 10 if True and 0 if False.  Data point 2 is scored on 0-10 scale. Data Point 1 and Data point 2 are averaged.

Data Source(s):

  1. ASSET4
  2. MSCI

Metric Type: Management
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-10)