Pays Workers Fairly Compared to CEO

What's the difference between the CEO's and average worker's pay? While Americans we surveyed believed that employees should be rewarded for their achievements and hard work, 79% of respondents to our 2015 survey said that CEO pay should be included in measuring JUST worker pay & benefits. Our surveys also found that Americans believe that CEO pay is outsized in comparison to the pay that most other workers received.


ceo to median worker pay ratio


  1. Reported CEO total compensation.
  2. Estimated median US employee compensation based on JUST Capital analysis of crowd-sourced compensation data by title and location, with Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) wage averages by job title and industry where crowd-sourced data is incomplete.  BLS job title distributions by industry are applied, and the median wage derived by company.

CEO to Median Worker Pay Ratio is calculated as follows: Data point 1 / Data point 2

Data Source(s): 

  1. Bloomberg
  2. JUST analysis: Glassdoor; Bureau of Labor Statistics

Metric Type: Performance
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Ratio