Pays a Fair Wage for the Industry and Job Level

Does the company pay a fair wage compared to industry standards? Are people with the same job titles paid similar amounts? According to our 2015 survey, 92% of respondents said that reasonable wages based on qualifications and job level were important to measuring JUST worker pay & benefits.



Description: A comparison of wages using crowd-sourced wage reviews from Glassdoor, adjusted by a county-level purchasing power index and sorted into Glassdoor occupation code (GOC) classifications to allow cross-company comparisons by job title. Each company’s score is based on comparisons with peers by title and assigned a numerical score based on the highest real wage (for example a company with the highest real wage score out of 10 companies will get a 10 out of 10). Scores for each title are then summed and divided by the maximum possible total to produce a percentage that represents how each company compares to its industry group.

Data Source(s): JUST analysis: Glassdoor; H1B Visas; C2ER
Metric Type: Crowd-sourced
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Percent


Description: Crowd-sourced average rating of a company's Compensation and Benefits measured on a five-point scale by current and former employees of each company.

Data Source(s): Glassdoor
Metric Type: Crowd-sourced
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-5)