Provides Paid Time Off

Are employees able to take time off without losing income? In our 2015 Survey, over 84% of Americans identified paid sick leave, vacation, holidays, and maternity & paternity leave as important to evaluating worker pay & benefits.



Description: Crowd-sourced average rating of a company's Vacation & Paid Time Off and Maternity & Paternity Leave measured on a five-point scale by current and former employees of each company.

Data Source(s): Glassdoor
Metric Type: Crowd-sourced
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-5)

Commitment to Providing paid time off

Description: Company disclosure of its paid time off policy. Companies are scored from 0 to 10 and receive a 0 for no disclosure; 5 for boilerplate disclosure; 10 for detailed disclosure.

Data Source(s): JUST analysis: Publicly available company documents
Metric Type: Management
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Score (0, 5 or 10)