How doES JUST Capital poll the American public?

JUST Capital conducts extensive, large-scale and fully representative national polling, research and analysis on everyone’s attitudes and values relating to business behavior, to assess which performance metrics are important to the public.

The first step is to define the American viewpoint on just corporate behavior by capturing the real world attitudes and views of a diverse, comprehensive and fully representative cross-section of all stakeholder groups.

  • We apply sophisticated polling, research and survey techniques to not only define the specific characteristics of JUST business behavior, but also their relative importance in the eyes of all stakeholder groups. 

  • Our polls include focus groups, telephone interviews, online discussions, and other means, to find out how America defines just corporate behavior.

  • We conduct polling and market research continuously, so we stay in touch with the sentiments of Americans on all issues. 

  • Our focus groups and polling measure the feedback of over 43,000 people in a wide cross section of America, across all geographies, income levels, political persuasion, ethnicity, rural and urban, etc.

We then use this definition of just corporate behavior to assess, evaluate and rank the performance of the largest publicly traded American companies.

  • The data we use to measure company performance will come from a variety of public sources, including federal and state regulatory filings, third party research organizations, industry and company reports, NGOs, and multiple other sources. We have a research team dedicated to processing and evaluating all the data we use; ensuring its quality, and seeking new ways to acquire more and better data. 

By ranking them on an objective scale, as defined by our national research and tracking performance over time, JUST Capital will be able to provide a new index of corporate performance that reflects justness as defined by all Americans. 

  • The JUST Index will become the market’s new, standard benchmark of just corporate behavior. It launches in November 30, 2016. The JUST rankings and analysis will allow consumers to track how companies perform on the issues that matter most to them.