JUST Capital is a nonprofit research organization that seeks to provide all our society’s stakeholders – employees, concerned citizens, business leaders and others – with the information they need to assess how JUST companies are.  By providing the right knowledge and making it easy to access and understand, we believe capital will flow to corporations that are more JUST, ultimately leading to a balanced business world that takes into account human needs that are so often neglected today. 

What We do


Which issues are most important? 

Each year, we survey Americans to find out what makes a company JUST. This research guides what and how we measure, surfacing critical topics and how important they are in comparison to each other. 


How JUST are corporations? 

We're building an inventory of corporate data across a variety of topics. Starting in late 2016, we’ll show how the 900+ largest publicly traded corporations are performing on the issues that Americans care about. 

How can data enable change? 

JUST Capital is creating an online platform to help companies improve, while giving the public tools that allow them to shift purchasing, investing, & employment choices towards more JUST companies over time.

What We Learned

When we think of JUST business, what do we mean? And who gets to define what is or isn’t JUST? JUST Capital has launched an unprecedented research process to give the American people the space to decide what JUST business looks like. The top issues they surfaced, which related to the stakeholders below, will drive how we measure corporate performance. Click here for a full list of topics


Our Beliefs

Our role is to be the neutral messenger, evaluating companies in an unbiased way based on the values of the American people and data gathered from corporate performance.
We believe the free markets can be a force for good-- not as a substitute for philanthropy or government, but in conjunction with them.
We believe that JUSTness must lie at the heart of any well-functioning economy. We seek to promote more JUST corporate behavior and leverage the power of the markets to better serve the interests of society.
We believe it’s necessary to strike a better balance between making a profit, generating a return for shareholders, and serving the interests of all stakeholders.
We're creating a new, comprehensive way to evaluate corporate performance, to help corporate leaders, consumers, and other stakeholders make more informed decisions.
We believe in market-based solutions to help address many of the challenges we face, because we feel that is the best route to widespread and lasting prosperity for everyone.