Trevor Harris

Professor of Professional Practice

Professor Harris' research and practical experience has covered most areas of the use of accounting information for valuation, investment and management decisions, with a particular focus on global aspects. He originally joined the Columbia Business School faculty in 1983, and was the Jerome A. Chazen Professor of International Business, Director of the Chazen Institute of International Business and Chair of the Accounting Department, prior to joining Morgan Stanley as a Managing Director and Head of the Global Valuation and Accounting Team in 2000. In 2005 he was became a Vice Chairman of Client Services and Director of Special Projects. He rejoined the faculty of Columbia Business School in July 2008 and was appointed as The Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Professional Practice. He has taught the core courses in financial and managerial accounting, and electives in corporate financial reporting and international financial statement analysis. He created a new elective course in Spring 2009 titled Fundamental Analysis for Investment & Management Decisions: A Practical Guide. He was the recipient of the Margaret Chandler Award for Commitment to Excellence in teaching EMBA class of 1998 and 2001, the Chazen Institute Prize for Innovation in Teaching, 1996, and the Singhvi Prize for Excellence in Teaching, 1985. He is co-Director of Columbia's Center for Excellence in Accounting and Security Analysis. He has published widely on valuation and accounting issues, in both academic and practitioner journals. He has made presentations at over 200 conferences, institutes and universities around the world.