About the Rankings

Defining Corporate JUSTness

In our 2014 pilot study, JUST Capital surveyed Americans from all regions and walks of life, which revealed that Americans believe in business. At the same time, the majority of Americans across nearly all demographics believe that corporations have become less JUST in the last decade and that corporate behavior is headed in the wrong direction.

Overwhelmingly, the majority of respondents believe that measuring corporate JUSTness is important to correct the course of business in America. We believe the path to building a more just marketplace begins with providing credible data and research to evaluate corporate behavior.

Each year, JUST Capital rankings describe how the corporations we cover measure up against the public’s definition of just business behavior. The rankings are designed to be a consistent and unbiased reflection of corporate JUSTness as defined by the public.

We provide our methodology, Drivers, and Components our rankings are based on so that our process is transparent and verifiable. We encourage you to explore the rankings and supporting information to see for yourself how we’re measuring JUSTness.