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Joy Marie Sever

Senior Consultant, Surveys

Joy is a Senior Research Consultant for JUST Capital’s polling team covering quantitative and qualitative research. She focuses on best practices in questionnaire design and content comprehension to optimize overall data quality.

Joy has been conducting research about large corporations for more than 20 years. She created The Reputation Practice at Harris Interactive, and was Harris’ lead designer and project manager for both the Reputation Quotient® (RQ) multi-dimensional measure of corporate reputation and The Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Business School Recruiter Survey. Results from both surveys appeared prominently in The Wall Street Journal for many years. Joy also led Harris’s growth in customized corporate reputation research with overall responsibility for both sales and project management. She subsequently became an independent consultant for Merck & Co., focusing on reputation, communications, and the awareness and knowledge of maternal mortality for Merck for Mothers, Merck’s 10-year, $500-million initiative

Joy has also designed and implemented youth reading comprehension programs based on Homer’s Odyssey. She recently worked with young hip-hop artists at the Next Generation Center in the Bronx using the Odyssey as a rapper’s resource for epic words and timeless story themes.

Joy has a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Toronto.

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