Donating to JUST Capital directly helps build groundbreaking research that incentivizes companies to improve how they serve all their stakeholders – including workers, customers, communities, the environment, and shareholders – on issues including fair pay and employee well-being, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, environmental impact, community support, and more.


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If you have any questions about your donation, need instructions for wiring funds, or would like to make a gift of stock, please reach out directly to JUST Capital’s Director of Institutional Advancement Jason Rizzi

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The connection to economic and racial equity is clear — workers of color are disproportionately in low-wage jobs. That’s why we’re tackling economics directly, and building our racial equity work. JUST is analyzing racial equity in the workplace and in communities, tracking disclosure and providing actionable next steps for corporate leaders looking to drive change.
Year after year, Americans let us know that they believe the top action companies should take to deliver on the promise of a just economy is to pay a fair and living wage, driving JUST’s focus in this area to make workers’ financial health and security a C-suite and investor priority.
With COVID-19 disrupting all aspects of our economy and society, JUST Capital’s work shines a clear light on how the actions of companies align with the priorities of the public.
Since 2015, JUST Capital has surveyed more than 110,000 Americans to learn what they value most when it comes to just business behavior, and the comprehensive results of our surveys provide a roadmap for companies looking to build an economy that serves all Americans.
Preserving the planet is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today, and Americans expect companies to play a key role in mitigating their environmental impact by minimizing pollution, combating climate change, and driving the production of sustainable products.

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As a charitable organization, JUST Capital relies on financial donations to help us create a more equitable and just economy. Thank you to all of our generous donors who have shared their passion and commitment bringing more humanity into corporate America.
The lists below recognize the foundation partners and donors who supported our mission in 2020.


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JUST Capital Annual Donor Community – FY2020

Agnes Gund Foundation
Alan Cohn
Amanda Nelson
Amy Anderson
Andrea Spudich
Andres Valle
Anna Mabrey
Anne Delaney
Anne Goodman James
Anne Lebleu
Anonymous (2)
Anthony J. Robbins
Anthony Rizzi
Antoinette La Belle
Asa Beach
Bob Conway
Brice Crozier
Caitlin Connolly
Caitlin McKinney
Caroline L. Williams
Cheryl Beatty
Christine Saunders
Cindy Urick
Clare B.Hare
Colleen Kavanaugh
Daniel Dilorati
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Kivlahan
Darrell Voitik
David E. Shaw
Deborah Jackson
Dillon Molloy
Dina Mastrodimos
Don Yasuda
Doug & Maripat Alpuche
Doug Wingo
Elisa Speranza
Emily Matthews
Eric Svaren
Greg Brouillet
Greg Kiernan
Henry Almengor
Igino Corradi
Jace Prokupek
Jackie Sablone
James Bennison
James Garnett
James Robinson (Vermont)
Jay Matthews
Jesse Fink
Jill Hunkele
Jim Leitner
Joan Devereaux
Joe Hayes
John Ballini
John Mitchell
Josh Dixon
Kensey Biggs
Kierstan Thomann
Kirsten Anne Marie
Lawrence Lunt
Lauren Fernandez
Lee White
Leslie Gaines-Ross
Lisa MacDougall
Liz Geddes
Louis Giguere
Marc Tabah
Marianne Amssoms
Marilyn Thornton
Mario Rivera
Mark & Nancy Weinberger
MaryAnne Rasmussen
Meiko Boynton
Meredith Benton
Meri Rantama
Michael Barlow
Michael Crinieri
Michael Kassin
Michelle Novo
Morgan Mitchell
Morgan O’Brien
Nancy Clayman
Paul Roos
Peter Thomas
Rebecca Darling
Rich Vaughan
Rocki Howard
Russell Clayton
Ruth Mutch
Sandy Speicher
Sarah Currid
Scott Struthers
Shari Siegel
Stephen & Lynanne Wilson
Stephen Matthews
Steve Hall
Steve Rattner
Susie Fretcher
Thomas Johnston
Tiffany Basdekis
Timothy Caum
Timothy Schmidt
Tom Messner
Tristan Summers
Vivian Mamelak
Whitney Cook
Wilbanks Partners LLC
William Baldridge
Won Palisoul
Yvonne Morabito