Defining Corporate Justness


JUST Capital gives the public a voice on how they want companies to behave. To date, we have reached over 50,000 Americans with our surveys about corporate behavior. The results from our 2nd annual survey are in and ready for you to explore. See below what 4,000 Americans, from all regions and walks of life, think drives JUST corporate behavior. 

These issues provide a unified picture of company performance that reflects the priorities of the public. They also form the basis of our benchmark -- it is against these Drivers that we measure corporate performance. The percentages reflect how much weight the public gives to each topic. The higher the number, the more important it is and therefore, the more it affects a company's score in the JUST Ranking. For more information please refer to section 2 of our methodology

           Click on a section of the pie chart or the legend to learn more about the associated Driver.