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News stories featuring JUST Capital. | January 25, 2017

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting: Creating Profit Through Purpose

More corporations are striving for commercial success by creating broader societal value, yet they face organizational and market hurdles. How can corporations successfully combine profit and purpose?

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ABC News | January 14, 2017

Economic Realities in America: By the Numbers

In the Diane Sawyer report, “My Reality: A Hidden America,” for a special edition of ABC News “20/20,” ABC News chronicles a reality of millions of Americans working harder than ever but struggling to stay in the middle class, or striving to get in. For so many, the American Dream’s opportunities seem to have dwindled. The numbers that follow are part of a larger conversation about today’s middle class and hard-working poor.



Chris Malone (Fidelum) | Jan. 1, 2017

The Growing Demand for More Just Capitalism

Scottish philosopher and economist Adam Smith is widely considered to be the father of modern capitalism, largely due to his 1776 book, The Wealth of Nations.  In it, Smith addresses the concepts of division of labor, productivity and free markets that have become central to economic theory and commerce.   Less well-known is Smith’s previous book, entitled The Theory of Moral Sentiments, in which he outlines the ethical rules of behavior that should naturally characterize commerce between people, and specifically that the interests of others should be held in balance with one’s own.

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Business Wire | Dec 20. 2016

Jacobs Named in Forbes Just 100 List

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE:JEC) has been named in the inaugural Forbes Just 100, a list of America’s best corporate citizens. Jacobs was ranked as one of the most just companies in the Capital Goods category.

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Business Wire | Dec. 20, 2016

Exelon Ranks First among Utilities on Inaugural “JUST 100” List Published by Forbes and JUST Capital

Exelon announced today it has been named America’s “Most Just” company in the utilities industry, according to JUST Capital and Forbes magazine’s inaugural “JUST 100” List. The list ranks companies in the U.S. based on criteria cited as most important in a survey of 50,000 Americans over an 18-month period on attitudes toward corporate behavior.

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Paul Tudor Jones (Ted Talk) | December 14, 2016

Ted Talk: What does it mean for a company to be “just”?

Paul Tudor Jones and team surveyed 43,000 Americans to find out what matters to them. Among the questions that came up: Does a company pay its workers fairly? Does it protect employee rights? Does it make safe and reliable products?

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Matt Turner (Business Insider) | Dec. 14, 2016

This Is the Best Research We’ve Seen on How Many Americans Are Really Struggling Financially, and It Is Heartbreaking

A staggering number of Americans aren’t making a living wage.

That’s the takeaway from a great bit of data from Just Capital, a nonprofit set up by legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones.

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Thrive Global | Dec. 5, 2016

Martin Whittaker: ‘The Good People I Surround Myself With Make Life Easier’

The JUST Capital CEO on prioritizing unread emails and setting your phone on mute.

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Steve Schaefer (Forbes) | Dec. 5, 2016

Paul Tudor Jones On ‘Just’ Companies, Trump’s Win And Why It’s Time For A Rethink Of The U.S. Economy

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones II has a long history in the philanthropic realm. He’s been involved in environmental causes and is the founder of the Robin Hood Foundation, which combats poverty in New York. He’s now tackling the corporate realm with JUST Capital, the non-profit beyond the research and ranking that resulted in the Just 100, Forbes’ new list of America’s best corporate citizens. In mid-November we spoke about Donald Trump’s stunning electoral victory, what it means for the market, and why Tudor Jones thinks getting companies to do good for more than just investors could just be the next big thing in finance.

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Zoë Henry (Inc.) | Dec. 01, 2016

Google’s Alphabet Is the Most ‘Just’ Internet Company, Says Study

Pay, diversity in hiring, and job creation are among the most important concerns to U.S. workers, according to a new list of the most just companies in America.

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Ed Silverman (STAT) | Dec. 01, 2016

Some Drug Makers Are Better Corporate Citizens Than Others

In a bid to transform corporate America, a new nonprofit created by a Wall Street hedge fund manager has ranked nearly 1,000 publicly traded companies to determine the extent to which they pursue “just” policies and practices. And leading the pack among drug makers is Amgen.

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Zacks Equity Research (NASDAQ) | Dec. 01, 2016

Varian (VAR) in Just 100 List from JUST Capital and Forbes

Leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiation, Varian Medical Systems Inc. VAR announced it was included in the inaugural JUST 100 List. Per the list, the company is the nation’s Most JUST Company in the Healthcare Equipment and Services industry. The list was prepared by independent nonprofit organization JUST Capital and global media player Forbes magazine.

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Stephen Gandel (Fortune) | Nov. 30, 2016

Here Are the Most “Just” Companies in America

According to a new firm.

Microsoft has been doing more good for the world than you thought, apparently. So has Pepsi.

At least that the conclusion of a new firm that was launched by hedge fund Titan Paul Tudor Jones. On Wednesday, Jones’ new first Just Capital announced its first ever list of the most just companies in America. Microsoft MSFT 1.91% is on the list, as is car company Ford F 1.31% , money management firm Legg Mason LM -0.16% , appliance maker Whirlpool WHR 1.28% , hotel chain Marriott MAR 2.13% , Google owner Alphabet GOOGL 1.45% , and telephone company AT&T T 0.26%.

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Chronicle of Philanthropy | Nov. 30, 2016

Daily News Roundup: Gates-Backed Vaccine Push Rated Most Promising ‘Big Bet’

In its new issue, Forbes also unveils the Just 100, an index produced in partnership with hedge-fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones’s nonprofit Just Capital that ranks major American companies on the basis of social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

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Fast Company | Nov. 30, 2016

Looking Beyond Profit, What Are the Most ”Just” Companies In the World?

Forbes and the nonprofit group JUST Capital have come together to look into the best-performing companies beyond mere business and profit metrics. The list looks at issues the public considers most important and squares those issues with how top companies’ policies fit in with them.

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Thomas Heath (Washington Post) | Nov. 30,2016

Memo to Corporate America: Pay More. Treat People Better.

Pay, benefits and how well companies respect their employees are the biggest concerns for most American workers, according to a list of companies released Wednesday by Forbes Media based on research conducted by JUST Capital, a nonprofit chaired by hedge fund mogul Paul Tudor Jones II.

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The Greenville Sun | Nov. 30, 2016

Eastman Tops Inaugural ‘JUST 100’ List In Chemical Industry

Eastman Chemical Company has been named America’s Most JUST Company in the chemical industry, according to JUST Capital and Forbes magazine’s inaugural “JUST 100 List,” which for the first time ranks the publicly traded companies in the U.S. that perform best on the things Americans care most about, according to a recent news release.

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Bloomberg Briefs | October 27, 2017

Paul Tudor Jones Throws Hat Into Ring of Socially Conscious Investing

JUST Capital was the brainchild of a student at Columbia University, Deepak Chopra. One day he calls me up, he goes, ‘I’ve got this idea.’ He calls it JUST Capital where corporations use capital not just to create profits, but to create justice. And as we got into it, it became really, really interesting as we started to kind of peel the layers of the onion back.

And what was so phenomenal was this was in 2011. I didn’t even realize at that time that there was a $4 trillion industry around socially responsible investing, which I think speaks to the fact that even though I’ve been on Wall Street for 40 years, when people think of investing or they think about companies, they don’t think about anything other than ‘Tell me about its earnings, tell me about its profitability, tell me about how much money it can make me.’

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