Index Construction & Methodology Summary

The JUST 100 Index is reconstituted every December with the basket of the top 100 ranked stocks, based on the most recent JUST Capital rankings. Constituents are equal-weighted, and each constituent is rebalanced to 0.33% of the Index on a quarterly basis.
Index Administrator:
  • JUST Capital.
Constituent Reference Index:
  • Russell 1000 Index.
Constituent Selection Criteria:
  • The JUONE index includes the top 100 of Russell 1000 companies ranked by JUST Capital in its most recent annual ranking.
Constituent Weighting Methodology:
  • Equal weighted. JUONE constituents are reweighted so that each company has an equal weight at rebalancing.
Constituents' Country of Primary Listing:
  • United States.
Index Currency:
  • US dollar.
Calculation Type:
  • Total return.
Annual Reconstitution Date:
  • Effective at close of third Friday of December, or next available trading date.
Corporate Actions:
  • FTSE Russell methodology for non-market cap-weighted indices.
Base Value and Inception Date:
  • 1,000 as of December 11, 2017.
Index Contact:
Calculation Agent:
  • FTSE Russell.
Data Vendor Symbols:
  • Bloomberg: JUONETR

Performance (total return)

Note: JUONE and Russell 1000 normalized to value of 1000 as March 13th 2019

Weighting Method

Stocks are weighted so that at each rebalance date the ICB industry weight in the JULCD index will match that of the Russell 1000. Each constituent weight within its relevant industry is proportional to its market capitalization. Between rebalance dates, stock weightings may differ from the Russell’s due to individual stock price performance.
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