The Do-Good Super Bowl Ads Of 2019

More than most, this year’s Super Bowl paled in excitement to many of the ads that premiered during the game.
I was looking forward to seeing the ads, hoping that brands took their cues from recent campaigns, including the much-discussed and highly-impactful Colin Kaepernick Nike ad released last year. Among the slate of star-studded and action-packed advertisements, there are a few that stood out for putting their company’s purpose front and center.

These companies used their Super Bowl spots to make a statement – about what they stand for as organizations, what issues they’re focused on solving, and where they’re focused on creating impact. And the proof is in the pudding! – many of these were came from companies in the JUST 100. Check out our favorites below:

Microsoft: We All Win

The top company in our 2018 JUST 100, Microsoft’s ad demonstrates its commitment to creating quality, accessible products that can be beneficial to all.

Verizon: The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here

While Anheuser-Busch is not currently included in our Rankings, its 2019 Super Bowl ad is a gold star example of how companies can champion their sustainability and other CSR efforts in communications.

Google: Job Search for Veterans

Google, the #3 company in our JUST 100, showcases how it leverages technology to innovate products, solutions, and resources for groups – like veterans – that otherwise lack them.

Pringles (Kellogg): Sad Device

This one is hardly your traditional “Do Good” ad, but #79 company Kellogg uses its advertising platform to make a wry statement about the future of work and technology, eschewing sentimentality for an existential warning to us all.

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