Has Environmentally Responsible Management

Do company policies and practices work to prevent environmental incidents? According to our 2015 Survey, Americans said that activities such as repairing damage to land (93%) the use of renewable energy (85%) and energy efficient buildings (83%) were important in measuring JUST environmental impact.


Commitment to Environmental Practices

Description: Commitment to environmental practices, comprising assessments of:

  1. the quality and comprehensiveness of a company’s Environmental Management System; and
  2. whether the company’s Environmental Management System has received external certification (i.e. according to the ISO 14001 standard).

The Metric is calculated as an average of data point 1 and data point 2, divided by 10.

Data Source(s): Sustainalytics
Metric Type: Management
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-10)

Environmental Fines

Description: Fines over the past three years from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Energy Department Office of Enforcement, Energy Department referral to the Justice Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency civil settlements, Environmental Protection Agency criminal docket, Environmental Protection Agency referral to the Justice Department, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration referral to the Justice Department, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Coast Guard referral to the Justice Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service referral to the Justice Department.

Data Source(s): Good Jobs First Violation Tracker
Metric Type: Fine
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: US Dollars

Controversies in Environmental Responsibility

Description: Number of severe and very severe cases (major scandals or systematic risk incidents) in influential and highly influential news sources occurring globally over the past three years. Incidents include waste issues; overuse and wasting of resources; other environmental issues; local pollution; impacts on ecosystems/landscapes; and global pollution (including climate change and GHG emissions).

Data Source(s): RepRisk
Metric Type: Controversy
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Number