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JUST business means serving all stakeholders, including:

The Core Issues of JUST Business by Stakeholder

In our polling work, the public identified 29 Issues essential to just business, which are classified below according to the stakeholders they most impact. Percentages indicate the proportion of times the Issue is selected as most important.

  • Pays a fair wage

    Ranking weight: 6.5%   Learn more

  • Acts ethically at the leadership level

    Ranking weight: 5.8%   Learn more

  • Pays a living wage

    Ranking weight: 5.7%   Learn more

  • Provides benefits and work-life balance

    Ranking weight: 5.3%   Learn more

  • Provides equal opportunity

    Ranking weight: 4.7%   Learn more

  • Makes products that do not harm

    Ranking weight: 4.7%   Learn more

  • Minimizes pollution

    Ranking weight: 4.6%   Learn more

  • Makes safe and reliable products

    Ranking weight: 4.5%   Learn more

  • Creates quality and stable jobs

    Ranking weight: 4.0%   Learn more

  • Follows laws and regulations

    Ranking weight: 4.0%   Learn more

  • Creates and retains jobs in the U.S.

    Ranking weight: 3.9%   Learn more

  • Protects the environment

    Ranking weight: 3.8%   Learn more

  • Provides career development

    Ranking weight: 3.4%   Learn more

  • Protects customer privacy

    Ranking weight: 3.3%   Learn more

  • Makes fairly priced products

    Ranking weight: 3.1%   Learn more

  • Treats customers fairly and inclusively

    Ranking weight: 3.0%   Learn more

  • Avoids business with exploitative countries

    Ranking weight: 2.9%   Learn more

  • Communicates honestly in advertising

    Ranking weight: 2.9%   Learn more

  • Uses resources efficiently

    Ranking weight: 2.8%   Learn more

  • Promotes a safe workplace

    Ranking weight: 2.7%   Learn more

  • Provides jobs in communities that need them

    Ranking weight: 2.6%   Learn more

  • Provides positive customer service

    Ranking weight: 2.6%   Learn more

  • Pays fair share of taxes

    Ranking weight: 2.5%   Learn more

  • Requires supplier human rights standards

    Ranking weight: 2.4%   Learn more

  • Contributes to community development

    Ranking weight: 2.3%   Learn more

  • Gives back to local communities

    Ranking weight: 1.9%   Learn more

  • Creates a transparent workplace

    Ranking weight: 1.8%   Learn more

  • Pays CEO reasonably compared to workers

    Ranking weight: 1.2%   Learn more

  • Generates returns for investors

    Ranking weight: 1.2%   Learn more

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