Through our nationwide polling we define seven major sets of issues as being relevant to just corporate behavior. Each is weighted according to its importance, and broken down into specific performance criteria.

How these issues drive the JUST Capital rankings

Our polls of the American public determine the issues we measure and the weight of those issues in the overall rankings. Click on an issue below to learn more about what components and metrics are included in the measurement.

  • Workers

    Americans see workers at the heart of just business practices.

  • Customers

    Customer treatment and privacy are essential to just business behavior.

  • Products

    Products and services should benefit the environment, health, and society.

  • Environment

    Americans agree corporations play a role in protecting our planet.

  • Communities

    At home and abroad, Americans care how companies support communities.

  • Jobs

    Just companies should both create and maintain U.S. jobs.

  • Management & Shareholders

    Ethical leadership and investor return are priorities for Americans.

  • Pays a Living Wage

    Covers local needs for food, housing and medical care.

  • Pays a Fair Wage for Industry and Job Level

    Appropriate for qualifications, experience, performance, and employee contribution.

  • Provides a Safe Workplace

    Protects workers from hazardous or harmful conditions in the workplace.

  • Does Not Discriminate in Pay

    Provides equal pay regardless of employee race, religion, gender, age, and more.

  • Provides Access to Health Insurance

    Provides or promotes access to affordable health insurance.

  • Does Not Discriminate in Hiring, Firing, and Promotion

    Maintains equality in personnel decisions regardless of employee race, gender, age, and more.

  • Pays Workers Fairly Compared to CEO

    Does not pay CEO excessively or disproportionately compared to workers.

  • Provides Paid Time Off

    Provides sick leave, vacation days, and leave for new parents.

  • Handles Grievances and Layoffs Fairly

    Handles grievances and layoffs appropriately, respectfully, and fairly.

  • Helps Workers Prepare for Retirement

    Offers planning and savings support, and honors financial promises.

  • Promotes Work-Life Balance

    Supports flexible working arrangements and workplace health and wellness.

  • Communicates Openly and Transparently with Employees

    Communicates effectively about mission, employees‚ job performance, and overall governance.

  • Encourages Employee Career Development

    Provides opportunities for educational, skills, and career advancement.

  • Does Not Discriminate in Customer Treatment

    Treats customers fairly and equally regardless of their background.

  • Protects Customer Privacy

    Respects customer privacy and stores customer data securely.

  • Is Truthful in Advertising

    Does not mislead about its products or services in public communications.

  • Provides Fair Sales Terms

    Abides by contracts and has transparent sales and return policies.

  • Provides Positive Customer Experiences

    Assists customers with easy-to-access information and helpful staff.

  • Is Accurate in Labeling

    Ensures products have accurate and informative labeling.

  • Makes Quality Products

    Makes products that are reliable, safe, and durable.

  • Makes Products that are Beneficial to Health, Environment, or Society

    Makes products that improve life and do not harm human health or the environment.

  • Provides Fair Pricing

    Prices products reasonably for their value and does not take advantage of customers.

  • Minimizes Pollution

    Minimizes operational impact and cleans up after itself if it damages the environment.

  • Uses Environmental Resources Efficiently

    Minimizes use of nonrenewable energy and resources, and reduces product-related waste.

  • Has Environmentally Responsible Management

    Acts to protect environmental resources affected by the company.

  • Does Not Do Business with Companies with Abusive Conditions

    Does not work with companies that use child labor, forced labor, or abuse workers.

  • Does Not Do Business with Governments that Oppress Their People

    Does not work with or operate in countries where people are repressed or denied freedom.

  • Maintains Strong Relationships with Communities

    Communicates effectively with its local communities and listens to community input.

  • Does Not Cause or Contribute to International Conflicts

    Does not cause conflict when working with or obtaining materials from other countries.

  • Uses Local Products and Resources

    Makes use of local suppliers and raw materials when available.

  • Contributes to Charitable Causes

    Contributes profits to charities and other organizations that benefit society.

  • Creates Jobs in the U.S.

    Creates jobs in its United States workforce.

  • Number of Jobs in the U.S.

    Has a sizeable United States workforce.

  • Follows Laws and Regulations

    Complies with international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • Pays Fair Share of Taxes

    Pays taxes on U.S. income at a rate that is in line with most American companies.

  • Leaders Act and Communicate with Integrity

    Takes responsibility in leadership for issues within as well as external to the company.

  • Maintains Integrity in Financial Reporting

    Reports all financial matters and keeps clear and accessible financial statements.

  • Makes a Profit Over the Long Term

    Manages operations throughout the business cycle to remain profitable.

  • Provides Investor Return

    Maintains reliable stock returns, dividend and bond payment.

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