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Our mission is to build a more just economy, and we can’t do that without an ongoing dialogue with you – the people working at the companies we track, analyze, and rank. It’s our hope that JUST’s key insights and resources – including our polling, Rankings, issue/industry analysis, and underlying methodology – will help you build the case to implement more just policies and practices within your organization. We’re always open to meet and discuss how we can help your team succeed. Here are a few ways we can support and work together:


Reach out to our Corporate Engagement team to learn how your company can engage with us:

    Participate in our annual Data Review Period to ensure JUST has the most up-to-date data for our annual Rankings and (soon-to-be-launched) Scorecards. Our goal is both accuracy and complete transparency on our model and methodology.
  • Access the Corporate Portal below to view the data our team has collected.
  • Email us your most recent Annual, Sustainability, ESG, and CSR reports.
  • Understand your performance in JUST’s Rankings. Speak with members of our team for a breakdown of where your company is leading and where you can improve.

    Learn more about how your company can participate in our programmatic initiatives designed to support organizations tackling key issues that matter most to the American public.

    Explore how your company can support JUST’s mission and drive change at scale.


    Participate in the annual Data Review Period.

    Review and update your company’s name, logo, and description.

    View a high-level breakdown of your company’s performance.

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    Since 2015, we’ve engaged more than 160,000 Americans to ask them what issues matter most when it comes to just business behavior, and found that the American public is remarkably consistent and united in what they want companies to prioritize: workers, wages, and jobs – so that’s where we focus our programmatic support. Our JUST Jobs program – which includes the Worker Financial Wellness Initiative, Corporate Racial Equity Alliance, and a Paid Leave Business Cohort – provides assessments, resources, and communities of practice to help corporate leaders take action and create value for their most important stakeholder – their workers.


    Worker Financial Wellness Initiative

    A cohort-based program focused on improving worker financial health and security.


    Racial Equity

    Tracking and advancing racial equity by providing tools, data, and standards for corporations and investors.


    The designation of America’s Most JUST Companies is granted to the JUST 100, the top-performing companies in our Rankings across the Russell 1000 as well as Industry Leaders across the 36 ranked industries. JUST 100 companies have access to the exclusive JUST Seal to highlight their leadership. For more details and access to the Seal guidelines, please review the License agreement. Reach out to access the Seal files.




    We welcome companies interested in taking the next step to support JUST’s mission. Connect with us to learn how you can:

  • Partner with JUST on programmatic initiatives designed to drive progress and outcomes on today’s most important corporate stakeholder issues.
  • Sponsor JUST event and content experiences that reach an engaged (and growing) audience of sustainability and impact practitioners, investors, and other corporate leaders.
  • Support JUST by demonstrating alignment with our mission and gaining access to JUST’s expertise and events; our growing network of experts, advisors, media partners; and more.
  • Have questions about our research and rankings?  We want to hear from you!