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Resources for Companies


JUST Capital seeks to build a more just marketplace, and we can’t do that without an ongoing dialogue with the corporations we rank. It’s our hope that, armed with the rankings, issue and industry analysis, and a detailed understanding of our methodology and research, corporations will work to establish more just processes, systems, and cultures. We invite a dialogue with companies throughout the year and through our corporate data review process, where companies review the data that JUST Capital analysts have collected on each company and their performance relative to their industry counterparts. Our goal is not only accuracy, but complete transparency.

Representatives of Russell 1000 companies can access our corporate portal here. Interested in starting a conversation? Please email our corporate engagement team.


We often hear from corporate leaders that they are looking for more tools and resources that can help them align their business practices with the values of the American public. The JUST Scorecard builds upon our survey results and the metrics we use to evaluate just business behavior in our Rankings, and creates a resource for companies to use in reviewing their own corporate practices.

We hope you’ll use this this Scorecard (and your JUST scores) to evaluate your company’s current performance on issues of just business behavior, as well as set goals for improvement. For any questions on improving corporate performance and better aligning business practices with the values of the American public, please email our corporate engagement team.


If you are one of America’s Most JUST companies, which includes the JUST 100 companies from the absolute rankings, as well as the 33 Industry Leaders, we have a collection of resources to help you make the most of the honor, including the America’s Most JUST Companies Seal, sample press release, public engagement campaign, social media promotions, etc.

The Seal is awarded by JUST Capital and Forbes to act as a badge of honor for corporations that are leading change on the issues Americans care about most: worker pay and well-being, job creation, customer treatment, healthy communities, and more. Each awardee is provided with the Seal to showcase in their marketing materials and channels – from websites and products to advertising and promotional materials.

To review the Seal and Guidelines, please email our corporate engagement team.



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