Maintains Strong Relationships with Customers

Does the company treat customers fairly? In our 2015 Survey, 95% of respondents indicated that knowledgeable and responsive customer service staff was important in measuring JUST customer treatment.



Description: National customer satisfaction score, covering perceived quality, customer expectations, customer loyalty, customer complaints from recent customers of each company.

Data Source(s): American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
Metric Type: Performance
Geography: US
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-100)

Controversies in Customer Service

Description: This indicator analyses severity of incidents related to false or misleading advertising, breach of customers' data privacy, product quality and safety, and anti-competitive practices over the last three years. Scored from 0 (no evidence of incidents) to 5 (most severe).

Data Source(s): Sustainalytics
Metric Type: Controversy
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-5)