Protects Customer Privacy

Does the company safeguard their customers' privacy? According to our 2015 Survey, 94% of respondents indicated that customer privacy was important to measuring JUST customer treatment.


Commitment to Customer Privacy

Description: Commitment to customer privacy, comprising assessments of:

  1. whether the company has a policy to protect customer and general public privacy and integrity;
  2. the highest level position within the company with direct responsibility for privacy and data security matters. This may range from a Chief Privacy Officer (best practice) to low level staff or no one at all. JUST Capital converts MSCI scores to a 0-10 scale as follows: C-suite (Chief Privacy Officer) responsibility a 10, other executives a 7, dedicated staff a 5, contractors a 3 and none a zero; and
  3. whether the company collects and stores personally identifiable data pertaining to individuals, allows those individuals to completely delete their information from the company’s records, or whether the company will do this on their behalf if requested.

Data points 1 and 3 assigned 10 if True and 0 if False.  Data point 2 scored as described.  All three data points are averaged.

Data Source(s):

  1. ASSET4
  2. MSCI
  3. MSCI

Metric Type: Management
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Score (0-10)

Controversies in Customer Privacy

Description: Number of severe and very severe cases (major scandals or systematic risk incidents) in influential and highly influential news sources occurring globally over the past three years that pertain to privacy violations.

Data Source(s): RepRisk
Metric Type: Controversy
Geography: Global
Unit of Measurement: Number