Announcing JUSTGen: A Network of Passionate Professionals Working to Advance JUST’s Mission

Over the course of 2020, our country has faced unprecedented upheaval – from a global pandemic to a national reckoning with racial injustice to challenges to our democratic system. During this time, JUST Capital’s work has honed in on these issues – tracking corporate responses to the pandemic, polling the American public on how they think corporate America should support democracy, and demonstrating that the companies that prioritize their stakeholders outperform their peers – all in an effort to push companies to better serve their workers, communities, and the environment, and to create an economy that works for all.

And to expand this work, we’ve recently established JUSTGen –  a community of concerned, creative, industrious, and ethical individuals dedicated to making an impact through JUST Capital. JUSTGen members are a network of passionate professionals working to:

  • Help move the markets to do more for all Americans.
  • Create shared prosperity through collective efforts.
  • Serve as advocates and ambassadors for JUST Capital’s mission and work.
  • Transform data-driven insights into practical actions.

Our work to address the critical issues of our time can only go so far. With JUSTGen, we are building a network to join us in conversation around these topics and elevate our mission and work, so we all can play a role in putting into practice purpose-driven, values-based leadership in our own companies and communities.

How to Make an Impact

As the months progress and we enter 2021, we can expect that COVID-19 will continue to exacerbate our nation’s economic and social inequalities – unless we can shift to a different path. The time is now to play a role in transforming corporate America to better serve all its stakeholders. Through our survey research, we’ve learned that Americans believe companies should prioritize their workers first and foremost – paying a livable wage, ensuring health and safety, and providing critical benefits like paid sick leave and dependent care support. Not only do these efforts create a more fair and equitable economy, they build more resilient and better-performing organizations, even in times of crisis.

To learn more about JUSTGen, and how to get involved in our efforts, please email Olivia Dilorati at And hear directly from the JUSTGen community below.


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