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The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative – Making Workers’ Financial Security and Health a C-Suite Priority

JUST Capital and PayPal, in collaboration with the Financial Health Network and the Good Jobs Institute, have established The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative to make workers’ financial security and health a C-suite and investor priority. The Initiative elevates the necessity of worker financial well-being as business leaders consider solutions to shape an equitable and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and take action to advance racial equity. Research shows that improving workers’ financial wellness benefits not only workers themselves, but also business outcomes such as productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee turnover and engagement.

Join a Growing Community of Practice

On July 13 we announced the first cohort of companies joining the Initiative, including Chipotle, Chobani, Even, Prudential Financial, and Verizon. This first cohort represents approximately 260,000 American workers across a range of industries, and the past year has seen several additional companies join the Initiative, including Synchrony’s announcement on April 7, 2022.

The expanded cohort brings the number of American workers represented by Initiative companies to more than 800,000. The program presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate what companies can accomplish when they come together with a shared goal of improving the financial health and resilience of workers across the nation.

JUST Capital, PayPal, the Financial Health Network, and the Good Jobs Institute know firsthand that taking steps to assess and improve workers’ financial well-being is no easy task. That’s why the organizations are providing a range of engagement and assistance opportunities to help companies no matter where they are on their journey. This includes hosting peer learning opportunities for C-Suite leaders; creating resources and events for HR and compensation professionals; providing direct assistance to companies on how to develop and deploy a Worker Financial Wellness Assessment, and use it to identify areas for improvement and immediate next steps; and public opportunities to celebrate corporate leadership.

Companies joining the Initiative commit to conducting a financial wellness assessment of their workforce to understand workers’ financial vulnerability and identify opportunities to improve their resilience over the long-term. Specifically, these companies will complete at least one assessment within a 12-month period, such as an employer-provided benefits assessment, an employee survey, or a living wage assessment. Ultimately, these assessments – like the Initiative itself – aim to ensure that corporate leaders are aware of workers’ financial wellbeing.

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the Initiative please click here to get in touch with us. 

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Get Oriented

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Thank You!

JUST Capital, the Financial Health Network, and the Good Jobs Institute are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations collectively working towards delivering a promise of a just economy for all Americans.The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative is made possible through the generous support of funders, including our corporate partners PayPal and Prudential Financial. Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of our funders and the organizations that are taking part in this critical and timely Initiative.

If you are interested in learning more about or participating in the Initiative please click here to get in touch with us.

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