Our Research

The purpose of JUST Capital’s research is to develop, execute, and maintain a ranking methodology that is credible, fair, and transparent. We began our work in 2015 with a simple idea: to evaluate and rank companies based on how the American people define just corporate behavior. Then, making it available to a wide range of stakeholders including: employees, communities, consumers, investors, and corporate leaders themselves.

We are committed to neutrality and transparency in our process and include extensive input from the organization’s Research Committee, from numerous third party advisors, consultants and experts, as well as from the general public. In order to maintain our objectivity, neither the Research Committee or the Board directly focus on the companies being ranked nor do they see the rankings before they are made public.

Our Team

We’ve build a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of researchers capable of distilling the input we get from the American People and translating it into cohesive, actionable data that relates to the drivers we establish during our annual polling.

Focus on Data Science

We are using data science to build a more just marketplace for America. By providing open access to reliable data and information we believe we empower decision-making that leads to better financial returns and positive societal outcomes. We’re exploring partnerships to further our research efforts and are working with the Data Incubator to build new relationships within the research community.

Have questions about our research and rankings?  We want to hear from you!