JUST Capital works to drive change on some of the most critical issues of our time – incentivizing America’s largest companies to build a more inclusive economy for their workers, customers, communities, shareholders, and the environment. Our current initiatives focus on three intersecting areas, how companies: prioritize workers and wages, advance racial equity in the workplace, support their stakeholders through the pandemic. To learn more and get involved, explore each below:

The Corporate Care Network

The Corporate Care Network connects and supports companies committed to advancing the well-being of workers through access to and awareness of inclusive care benefits, like paid leave, flexible work, and child care support.

Prioritizing Workers & Wages

Year after year, Americans let us know that they believe the top action companies should take to deliver on the promise of a just economy is to pay a fair and living wage. Our Worker Financial Wellness Initiative aims to make workers’ financial health and security a C-suite and investor priority.

Advancing Racial Equity

With the need for racial justice in our country so plainly urgent, JUST works to advance racial equity in the workplace and in communities, by polling on the key issues, tracking disclosures, and providing actionable next steps for corporate leaders looking to drive change.

Supporting Stakeholders Through COVID-19

After a year of COVID-19 disrupted all aspects of our economy and society, JUST Capital continues to shine a light on how the actions of companies align with the priorities of the public through ongoing survey research and analysis.

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