The JUST Jobs Scorecard is a data-driven, interactive tool to help companies prioritize investments in their most important value creators – their workers.

Studies show that investments in workers reduce the high costs from absenteeism and turnover, increase labor productivity, and grow revenue. Providing good pay, strong benefits, advancement opportunities, and a safe, equitable workplace allows employees to be more engaged and productive, delivering greater value to customers and shareholders.

Although there have been efforts to standardize what “good” looks like when it comes to job quality, there is no guiding set of data to help companies navigate what to disclose, how to benchmark, and where to prioritize workforce investment – until now. 

The JUST Jobs Scorecard helps corporate leaders assess job quality performance on 31 data points across six key topic areas, prioritizing ways to improve through clear disclosure and performance thresholds from “no disclosure” up to the “leading” practice. The Scorecard enables corporate leaders to understand where their performance stands against minimum, common, and leading practice standards among America’s largest publicly-traded companies, providing actionable next steps corporate leaders can take to drive long-term value, and build the case for new workforce investments in today’s tight labor market.

Utilizing the tool, you can fully explore the performance of Russell 1000 companies:

And compare performance across any three companies at once:

The full Scorecard covers the Russell 1000, but you can preview the data of the Six Leading Companies below:

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What corporate leaders are saying about the JUST Jobs Scorecard

I am intimately familiar with what we offer, what's available to employees. The extra dimension that the JUST Jobs Scorecard gave, in addition to comparability across other companies, was really looking at those programs through an external lens, because you didn't score things based on what I told you, you scored things based on what you were able to cull out of public information. One use case for the JUST Jobs Scorecard is identifying areas of opportunity where we are doing something but not talking about it outside of our organization.
Kevin Cammarata
VP - Benefits, Verizon
The JUST Jobs Scorecard provides a frame which we can say, “Okay, where are we on this? Let's understand our position in each of these areas.” Maybe we're thinking all of these things are important, but it creates a frame for us to then validate, “Have we prioritized the right way?” and “Are we okay with prioritizing some and not others? Are some relevant or not for us?” The JUST Jobs Scorecard framework allowed us to have a more structured dialogue about the approach and the strategy that we take.
Laney Brown
Vice President, Sustainability, Avangrid

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