We believe in our process and share it every year as a companion to the rankings. Below are some of the key steps and information about how we construct our rankings.

Our Process

  1. Survey, Market Research and Polling: JUST Capital surveys and polls the
    American Public on a comprehensive and representative basis, in order to
    understand what issues represent JUST business behavior, how they should be
    described, and their relative importance.
  2. Company Evaluation: JUST Capital evaluates, in as fair, unbiased and rigorous a way as possible, how the companies in its coverage universe perform across these issues. At every major methodological step, JUST Capital asks the public for guidance by commissioning a poll or survey.
  3. Data and Rankings: JUST Capital disseminates the data and rankings that reflect the respective performance of the ranked companies across all the issues people care most about.

Drivers and Components

Our Rankings are broken down first at the Driver level then it’s Components and the metrics and data that relate to each.

For example:

Driver: Communities
Component: Charitable Giving

  1. Charitable giving, including in-kind donations.
  2. Pre-tax profit.


  1. Chronicle of Philanthropy; Bloomberg
  2. Bloomberg

Once the Components and their weights have been determined and the metric data have been collected, the scores and the rankings themselves are calculated.

Learn more about the Drivers.

Developing the Metrics

JUST Capital establishes metrics for each of the Drivers and their Components, collecting and evaluating the data from an extensive range of sources in order to measure corporate performance.

We also incorporate input from both subject matter experts (including academics, investment practitioners, and corporations) and the American public in all areas of the scoring methodology. The choice of metrics and data points, and the means of transforming and processing the raw data we use in the rankings model is informed by this step. This ensures our process remains as informed, objective, and accurate as possible.

Selecting the Data

The quality of the underlying data used to support our rankings is very important. We take into account a number of key criteria and follow a strict protocol:

  • Data must be derived from sources deemed to be credible by JUST Capital’s Research Staff, the Research Committee of the Board, and the Research Council.
  • Data selected should reflect company performance or managerial commitment on the Component being measured.
  • Data should be verified where possible by independent third parties and subjected to continual review, validation, and improvement.
  • All data selected to support rankings are reviewed by the JUST Research Committee and JUST Capital’s network of third party advisors and consultants.

Due to the range of Components measured, and the breadth of industries covered, we utilize multiple reliable data from many different sources. These include:

  • Publicly Available Company Data and Reports: Audited company filings, annual reports, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability reports, integrated reports, company presentations and other reports.
  • Third-party Data Vendors: For-profit companies that collect data on certain issues relevant to the rankings and specialty third party data providers focused on environmental, social and governance measurement. In some cases, this includes (though is not limited to) data on media controversies and regulatory fines and violations.
  • Government Data: US government agencies (e.g., Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Academic and Not-For-Profit: Non-governmental organizations and non-profits focused on corporate activities in certain areas
  • National Media and Press: informs our controversies metric.
  • Crowd-Sourced Data: Company review websites such as Glassdoor.