JUST Capital Announces its 2024 Industry Leaders

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As part of its 2024 Rankings, JUST Capital is proud to present its list of Industry leaders, or companies that receive the highest overall rank within each of our 36 industries. 

Of this year’s 36 industry leaders, 23 companies remained the leaders of their industry, while 13 new companies moved in to take the industry leader spot this year. Below is the full list of industry leaders for 2024. Industry leader shifts can be explained by both improved year-over-year performance of individual companies as well as shifting industry compositions.

Among the industry leaders, the following saw the biggest increases in their rank. 

This year, 32 out of the 36 industries were represented in the JUST 100: In other words, four industry leaders are not part of the JUST 100 this year, including Baker Hughes (111), CVS Health (126), eBay (143), and Cummins (123).

Industry Trends in 2024 

Though there are 32 industries represented in the JUST 100, some industries make up a higher share of the JUST 100 than others. There are: 

  • 9 companies, or 26.5%, of the Semiconductors & Equipment industry represented.
  • 9 companies, or 20.5%, of the Utilities industry represented.
  • 8 companies, or 22.8%, of the Banks industry represented.
  • 8 companies, or 12.7%, of the Software industry represented.
  • 6 companies, or 13.3% of the Insurance industry represented in the JUST 100.

Certain industries tend to perform better than others, on average. Companies in the Utilities and Semiconductors & Equipment industries rank, on average, the highest at 320 and 341, respectively. When breaking industry average rank down by the five Stakeholders, we find that: 

  • Companies in the Utilities industry have the highest average rank for Communities (242) for the third year in a row.
  • Companies in the Computer Services industry have the highest average rank for Customers (205) for the second year in a row.
  • Companies in the Personal Products industry have the highest average rank for Environment (187) for the third year in a row.
  • Companies in the Utilities industry also have the highest average rank for Shareholders & Governance (330).
  • Companies in the Pharmaceuticals & Biotech industry have the highest average rank for Workers (255) for the second year in a row.

Companies in the Restaurants & Leisure and Food, Beverage & Tobacco industries saw some of the largest average gains in rank, rising 115 and 82 ranks, respectively. Companies in the Consumer & Diversified Finance and Banks industries saw the biggest average declines, dropping 118 and 88 ranks, respectively.  

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