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Ethical Leadership

November 8, 2019  |  Fast Company

“Decency quotient”: How this CEO frames inclusive capitalism for his company

Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga says “DQ” is as important as IQ or EQ.

November 7, 2019  |  JUST Capital

3 Ways Corporations Are Stepping Up on Climate

Even with the absence of federal leadership on climate change and key environmental issues, many in corporate America are stepping up to drive change. Here are three encouraging ways companies are taking responsibility for mitigating climate change.

Starbucks Sign in Monaco, La Condamine

October 30, 2019  |  JUST Capital

5 Corporate Scandals Every Leader Can Learn From

These five companies responded to scandals by taking responsibility and addressing the situation head on, proving that when handled correctly, a company absolutely can bounce back from controversy.

wood game like Jenga

October 28, 2019  |  JUST Capital

Hey CEOs: Here’s Your New To-Do List

The American public wants businesses to serve all stakeholders, including workers, customers, communities, and the environment. Here are eight things every corporate leader should do now to align more closely with the stakeholder model.

Chalk pastel different colors

October 17, 2019  |  JUST Capital

How to Find Out if a Company Really Cares About Diversity

Anybody can put photos of cheerful, diverse employees on a Careers page. A true dedication to diversity goes beyond appearances and anti-discrimination laws.

Fact or Fake Concept With Wooden Cubes

October 9, 2019  |  JUST Capital

What Is a Transparent Company, Really? (Plus, Why You Want to Work for One)

Transparency is more than sharing noble sentiments on the company’s “careers” page. Here’s what sets a truly transparent business apart and how disclosing detailed information about workplace policies benefits all key stakeholders.

Military person and civilian shaking hands standing on white background.

October 7, 2019  |  JUST Capital

5 Amazing (and Impactful) Ways Companies Are Taking Care of Their Employees 

How would you know if a company was truly committed to supporting their employees? Let these five companies be your guide. All are taking steps to benefit the workers who keep their businesses going day to day.

Group of students standing in a row outdoors

September 24, 2019  |  JUST Capital

6 Companies Making a Big Investment in Their Communities

Top CEOs agree: Businesses should commit to balancing the needs of workers, customers, communities, and more. But what might that actually look like? It’s exactly what these six companies are doing for the communities in which they work.

A group of women raising their fists in solidarity against a gray background

September 23, 2019  |  JUST Capital

6 Companies That Have Taken Bold Stands on Social Issues

Our nation’s business leaders agree: The world’s problems are too profound for them to stand silently by. That’s why these chief executives are speaking out on gun control, immigration, sustainability, and more.

September 16, 2019  |  JUST Capital

5 Reasons to Give Stakeholder Capitalism a Chance

Stakeholder capitalism should be given a chance to work. Here’s why.

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