Satish Korde

Chief Rankings Strategist

During his 40+ year career, Satish has worked on many businesses, including but not limited to Ford, Barilla, Gillette, AT&T, Kodak, United Airlines, Citibank, Colgate, and Dr. Pepper to name a few. He helped these brands solve complex marketing and business problems. Satish’s diverse experience has allowed him to identify the common threads and principles across industries and make a science of combining brand definition development and strategy development.

Prior to being CEO of the Ford business at WPP, Satish held several leadership roles for Young & Rubicam including Global Research Director and Director of Business Development. He was the youngest member of the Y&R Executive Committee and was instrumental in developing Y&R’s brand platform that fueled its growth. In the mid 90’s, Satish was named the leader of the Ford business, operating from London, where he lived for 3 years playing multiple roles simultaneously for the firm. He has been invited into the academic world at Yale, Columbia, Wharton, Darden and Carlson School of Management to share his experience and unique insights with future marketing and business leaders. Satish is widely traveled, loves to work with people from different cultures, and is a strong advocate of diversity.

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