JUST Capital is an independent nonprofit research organization that is unaligned from any entity, corporation or corporate interest. We are supported by and funded via grants from private individuals, foundations, and our board members, who share our vision and want to support our mission. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support JUST Capital, please contact us or donate now.

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Individual and Family Foundation Supporters – 2022

Adam Burr
Adam Wasserman
Ainslie Family Foundation
Alec Stonitsch
Alex Kalinowski
Alex Prudhomme
Alexandra Hayden
Alexandra Leighton
Amy Bravo
Amy Lockmiller
Andrea Armstrong
Andrea Landsberg
Andrew Mccarthy
Angelique Byrd
Angelo Lynn
Ann Turetsky
Anna Bauer
Anne Lebleu
AnneMarie Magri
Anonymous (37)
Antoinette La Belle*
Arthur Palisoul
Asa Beach
Augustus Christensen
Austin Rainville
Barbara Krueger
Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Rosenberg
Blair and Hillary Peterson
Blake Berman
Bradford Giles
Brando Benedit
Brian Concannon
Brian Napack
Brian ODay
Brian Ritter
Brittany Harrison
Byron Loflin
Callie Bauer
Carl McCarthy
Carlyle Scott
Carol Cone*
Caroline Williams*
Charles Toulmin
Charlie Huebner
Cheryl Cofield
Chloe Lee
Chris Truglio
Chris Varner
Claire Gladstone
Coleman Deleon Jones
Craig Krueger
Curtis Ravenel
Cynthia Cearley
Dale Jones
Daniel Gray
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Kivlahan
Danielle Holly
Danitizca Baldwin
David Bradbury
David Evans Shaw*
David Grant
David Kearns
David Palisoul
David Wagstaff
Deborah Jackson
Deborah Lenz
Debra Sabatini Hennelly
Demetria Adams
Denise Morrison*
Derek Hammel
Diana Cote Guerrero
Dominic Ramos-Ruiz
Dubin Family Foundation
Edward Farr
Eileen Heisman
Elaine Stein
Elizabeth Oettinger
Elizabeth Wyer
Ellen Brautigam
Emily Newman
English Sall*
Ethan Hallowell
Fred Gregory
Gabriel Kra
Gabriel Slavik
George Iacono
Gerald Chertavian
Gloria Goins
Greg Danford
H Hackney
Harold Stern
Jack Callaghan
Jack Meyercord
Jacqueline Valouch
James Black III
James Brophy
James Robinson
Jamie Meyer
Jason Darnall
Jason Rizzi
Jeff Jones
Jillian Li
Jim Bignal
Jim Leitner*
John Butler
John Goldstein
John Peterson
John W. Pigott
Johnny Krueger
Jonathan Marcus
Joyce Giuffra
Julian Mackie
Justin Giles
Kat Malek-Hood
Katharine Tipper
Kathryn Torres
Kathy Calvin*
Khwaja Shaik
Kierstan Thomann
Kim Leslie Shafer*
Komal Misra
Kristen Case
Laura Hosey
Laura Kurlander
Lauren Fernandez
Lauren Weber
Lindsay Moreau
Lloyd Komesar
Loddie Allison
Maisie Allison
Marcus Brandford
Margot Phillips
Mark Melendy
Marli Dempsey
Marta Klebe
Martin Raxton
Martin Wise
Mary Christopherson
Mary Cullinane
Mary Ritter
Matt Ellenthal
Matthew Graves
Matthew Mellen
Matthew Walker
Melanie Triplett
Michael Crinieri
Michael Miarecki
Michael Moore
Michael Piscitelli
Michael Shine
Michelle Mullineaux
Mimi and Marc Tabah
Mitchell Schepps
Morgan Mitchell
Myra Ferreri
Nakisha Harris
Nalika Nanayakkara
Neil Anderson
Nikolas Brautigam
Nina Glass
Olivia Dilorati
Patricia Hall
Patricia Stensrud*
Paul Quinlan
Paul Tille
Rachel Hobart
Ramsey Alwin
Raymond Kuo
Regan Shine
Regine Clement
Reid Hoffman
Robert Forness
Roberto Lartigue
Ronald Chandler
Ruth Mutch
Samuel Jacob
Sandy Maltzman
Sandy Speicher*
Sanjyot Dunung
Sarah Peluso
Sarah Schwartz
Sean Fox
Sean Logan
Shem Robinson
Shirley Byrd
Sormeh McCullough
SoVonna Day-Goins
Stacey Tank
Stephanie Lavallato
Stephanie Lynch
Stephanie Tuck
Stephen Kiernan
Stephen Powell
Steven Moore
Steven Safier
Sumit Roy
Susan Chapman-Hughes and Christopher Hughes*
Susan Moyer
Susie Scally
Tenesha Jacques
Teresa Yancey
The Jesse and Betsy Fink Family Foundation
Thomas Knox
Thomas Kottler
Thomas Kottler
Tim Williams
Tina Olson
Tony Pasquariello
Tsechi Sokpo
Tyler Jarry
Ulderico Calero
Valda Witt
Vincent Dell’Osa
William Moreau
Wilson Carletti
Wyndolyn C. Bell, MD
Xana Bartlett
Yvonne Morabito
Zachary Kozlak
Zoe Huang

* JUST Capital Advisor
We are grateful for all that our Board of Directors do for the organization and are proud that 100% of the JUST Board contributed in 2022.


Statement of Integrity and Objectivity

JUST Capital is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization with a diversified funding model inclusive of resources from a range of individuals, foundations, organizations, and companies. All funding is accepted in line with a clear set of funding principles and in accordance with a funder due diligence process in order to preserve JUST Capital’s research integrity and maintain unbiased performance analyses of the companies we track and analyze across our tools and products as outlined in our organization Gift Acceptance Policy. In addition, our Board Research Committee and an Independent Research Council operate with a mandate to ensure the performance analysis and underlying research that powers our rankings and other offerings remain objective and independent.
Updated January 2023

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