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JUST Capital’s Index Concepts demonstrate the power of investing in companies at the forefront of stakeholder value creation. We have taken the companies scoring in the top 20% of our Rankings – which evaluate how the nation’s largest corporations perform on the Issues that matter most to Americans today – by a specific Stakeholder, Issue, or Benchmark.

Incepted on December 31, 2021, the indexes are a powerful tool in helping us continue to build the business and investor case for why just business is better business. They can be leveraged and licensed as is, or spark a conversation for how we might work together to craft a custom index or product. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Index Concepts Categories


To gauge a company's commitment to its customers, JUST measures whether it (1) protects customer privacy, (2) treats customers fairly, (3) communicates transparently with customers, and (4) makes beneficial products.

Customers Concepts

Customers Leaders

The Customers Leaders index concept takes the top 20% of Russell 1000 companies in JUST's annual Rankings focused on their Customers.

Our data set tracks corporate performance across 33 data points, including Data Privacy Policies, Product Recalls, Customer-Related Controversies, Political Contributions Disclosure, and more. Overall, Customer Issues account for 14% of a company's score in our 2023 Rankings of America's Most JUST Companies.

Cumulative Returns since Dec 31 2021
As Of Customers Leaders Russell 1000 Equal Weighted Index
04-18-2024 -0.11% -4.03%


Customers Leaders   Russell 1000 Equal Weighted Index

Sector Active Exposures vs. the Russell 1000 Equal Weighted Index

Customers Leaders

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