Americans believe that companies should support the communities they impact, both at home and abroad. Through charitable giving, sourcing locally, creating jobs, and ensuring human rights are upheld across the supply chain, companies have the ability to foster and protect the communities they impact.

How we measure Communities issues

A company's Communities score is determined by factors both local and global, from international supply chain management to the use of local products and resources. These issues make up 21% of a company's overall score in the Rankings.

  • Upholds human rights standards across the supply chain

    Ranking weight: 9.2%   Learn more

  • Creates jobs in the U.S.

    Ranking weight: 7.2%   Learn more

  • Contributes to community development

    Ranking weight: 2.5%   Learn more

  • Supports local communities

    Ranking weight: 1.8%   Learn more

Top Ranked Companies for Communities

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