Shareholders & Governance

Americans want to see company leadership held accountable to the interests of their workers, customers, communities, and the environment, as well as their shareholders. They also expect corporate leadership to act ethically and with integrity while delivering long-term financial growth and value creation for their shareholders.

How we measure Shareholders & Governance issues

A company's Shareholders & Governance score is determined by more than just a company's financial performance; it also is based on whether corporate leadership is held accountable to the interests of all its stakeholders, including workers, customers, communities, the environment, and shareholders. Shareholders & Governance Issues account for 16% of a company's overall score in the Rankings.

  • Prioritizes accountability to all stakeholders

    Ranking weight: 9.7%   Learn more

  • Acts ethically at the leadership level

    Ranking weight: 4.7%   Learn more

  • Generates returns for investors

    Ranking weight: 1.7%   Learn more

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