Workers are the top priority for just companies, according to the American public, who believe employees should earn fair and equitable pay, receive good benefits and work-life balance, and work in a safe and inclusive environment. This year, Americans also agreed that companies should protect and support their workers throug the COVID-19 crisis – prioritizing enhanced health and safety measures, hazard pay, paid sick leave, and more.

How we measure Workers issues

In 2020, Americans ranked all five Worker Issues in the top seven. These five issues – a livable wage to workplace diversity and inclusion – go into determining a company's score, and together comprise 41% of our scoring model.

  • Pays a fair, livable wage

    Ranking weight: 9.9%   Learn more

  • Invests in workforce training

    Ranking weight: 8.3%   Learn more

  • Cultivates a diverse and inclusive workplace

    Ranking weight: 7.7%   Learn more

  • Protects worker health and safety

    Ranking weight: 7.6%   Learn more

  • Provides benefits and work-life balance

    Ranking weight: 7.5%   Learn more

Top Ranked Companies for Workers

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