Building a JUST Future: Building Better in the Face of Crisis

At JUST Capital, we have always worked to engage corporate America in our mission of building a more inclusive, stakeholder-driven economy. That mission becomes simultaneously more clear and more complicated as the depths of the inequity in our economy are put on stark display.

This week, we had an in-depth discussion with JUST Capital board members Xavier De Souza Briggs, distinguished visiting professor at NYU and senior fellow at Brookings Institution, Dan Hesse, former Sprint CEO, and Alison Omens, our Chief Strategy Officer. Together, they unpacked key insights from the Forbes Corporate Responders List, which used our data to highlight what “good” can look like in dire times, and came up with ways we might just be able to emerge from this crisis with a more just and equitable economy for all.

You can view the full video below:

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