Join Just in Investing in American Workers

Darya Tran has been a proud PayPal customer operations employee for over 15 years – but her proudest moment on the job came just a few years ago. She remembers when CEO Dan Schulman announced the company’s new programs to help secure the financial health of its workforce. She and her colleagues were thrilled to hear about PayPal’s decision to raise wages, lower the cost of healthcare benefits, and make every full-time employee a shareholder, among other initiatives.

Darya did the math. With two young children, she could save $5,000 a year through the company’s new programs – a total of $80,000 by the time they’ll attend college.

Stories like Darya’s are what drive The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative, a collective effort between JUST Capital, PayPal, the Financial Health Network, and the Good Jobs Institute. And hers is just one example of the kind of impact that the Initiative can have on the approximately 260,000 American workers at participating companies.

An economy that works for all Americans means that no worker should be struggling to get by – and each and every one should be able to go to work feeling as proud as Darya. At JUST, we’re committed to helping make that a reality. And, with your support, we can go even further.

We sincerely hope you make a gift of any size today to help JUST Capital continue to innovate, collaborate, and change the way companies think about the financial health of their workforces.

There’s never been a better, or more urgent, time for companies to invest in their workers. Join us in making worker financial wellness a standard item on the agendas of C-suites, boardrooms, and shareholder meetings across corporate America.

With gratitude,
Martin Whittaker

P.S. Darya is just one of thousands of employees who have benefitted from PayPal’s drive to ensure no worker is struggling to make ends meet. Please consider making a gift today to help more companies follow this example, and more workers access the crucial resources needed for their and their families’ financial health and well-being.

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