The Colorado Financial Firm Donates to JUST Capital and Becomes the New Advisory Partner

Since 2013, JUST Capital has been a rapidly growing company whose goal is to build an economy working for all US citizens. The process is being done by helping various organizations to improve their services. The founders of the company are representatives of different activity areas: business, finance, and civil society. Thus, they know how to do it in the right way.

As mentioned, at the moment, JUST Capital is the leading platform for adequate measuring and developing corporate performance in the stakeholder economy. But that doesn’t change the fact the company still welcome and sometimes needs support from other well-established corporations.

Along with multiple US firms and companies, 1FirstCashAdvance expressed interest in contributing to JUST Capital activities. In its turn, the company decided to go beyond funding support and provide advisory support and advertising services as well. The last point consists of assuming responsibility for promoting JUST Capital services across social media and presenting them to startup owners and directors of leading companies.

The American lending firm has been a part of the financial market since 2016. Nowadays, it’s one of the most successful lending institutions, providing the most affordable online payday loans. The list of its services includes different loan types available for each customer and designed for covering their unexpected spending. The variety ranges from bad credit loans or no-credit-check loans to 1-hour payday loans and fast cash loans as well.

1FirstCashAdvance believes such donations will help existing businesses improve their current behaviors. It includes fair pay, employee well-being, community impact, environmental protection, etc.

The company team members consider it’s indeed essential to support companies that pursue the same goal – to build the appropriate environment tailored for the American people that will better reflect their real priorities.

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