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JUST Capital & the Data Incubator Announce Partnership: the “Data Challenge for America”

May 11, 2017
Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital, and Tianhui Michael Li, CEO of The Data Incubator, have announced The Data Challenge for America, which will leverage The Data Incubator’s free data science fellowship to investigate the link between corporate justness and the associated performance data of the country’s largest corporations. Read»

Significant Correlation between JUST Companies and Lower Market Risk, According to Newly-Released Analysis

May 4, 2017
According to new research by JUST Capital, companies in the Russell 1000 that perform better on issues that matter to the American public carry significantly lower investment risk than other Russell 1000 corporations. The top performing companies on public priorities, overall, came in at 24.5% in three-year stock volatility, compared to the other companies at 27.8%, suggesting that “just” companies are less volatile on the stock market. The JUST score was established by JUST Capital and Forbes Magazine in 2016 to rank companies on issues that matter to the American public, a process that establishes what the public values, and then ranks companies on those issues. The 100 top performing companies in their industries were designated the JUST 100. Read»

JUST Capital Announces Release of Company Data for Review in Advance of Corporate Ranking

September 2, 2017
JUST Capital, a nonprofit that measures the performance of large U.S. corporations on the issues Americans care most about, today announced that it is releasing to companies details of the data that will be used for its inaugural rankings. Representatives from ranked companies can access their own company data, as well as JUST Capital’s scoring methodology and metrics, via a secure corporate portal. Read»