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Happy 5th Birthday, JUST ETF!

First-in-Class ETF Harnesses the Value in American Values



Written by Cambria Allen-Ratzlaff and Mona Patni

Today, we’re excited to celebrate a very special milestone. The JUST ETF – which we launched in 2018 in partnership with Goldman Sachs Asset Management to track the top 50% of Russell 1000 companies according to the priorities of the American public – is turning five.

JUST’s mission is to demonstrate that just business is better business, by incentivizing America’s largest companies to deliver on the priorities of the public. And a key part of achieving that aim is to drive financial capital toward companies that best serve the needs and expectations of their workers, customers, communities, and the environment. 

That capital comes from shareholders – from families saving for their kids’ college to large institutions safeguarding pensions and healthcare for our teachers, municipal workers, and police officers – who provide money to firms through equity and debt financing. This money is then used by companies to power their businesses. Without it, companies couldn’t create good jobs, build the best products and services, support strong communities, and continue to innovate and grow. 

Financial capital has played a crucial role in developing America’s economy – including the growth of largest public companies in the Russell 1000, which collectively represent 93% of the U.S. public equity market. So what if we could measure how good individual companies are for America, using Americans’ own voices as the measuring stick – and then see how the companies that are best for workers, customers, communities, and the environment actually perform for their investors? In other words, can just companies create competitive value for shareholders, too? 

The answer is a resounding yes. On June 7, 2018, we launched the JUST ETF, powered by our proprietary JUST U.S. Large Cap Diversified Index (JULCD). The JULCD represents the top half of companies in JUST Capital’s Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies, by industry, and has outperformed the Russell 1000 by 8.78% since inception through May 31, 2023. If you invested $100 in the fund at launch, you would have nearly $220 in your pocket today.

These companies not only outperform in the market but are leaders when it comes to the priorities of the American public. In our six years of survey research, we have found that Americans are remarkably united in what they want companies to prioritize: workers, wages, and jobs. Paying a fair and living wage is the most important priority across all demographic groups, followed by creating jobs in their communities. Americans also expect companies to behave ethically, serve their customers with beneficial, safe products, and act as responsible stewards of the environment and the communities in which they operate. 

In this regard, the JUST ETF also delivers concrete impact. Companies in the JUST ETF are innovative and can quickly adapt in response to risks and opportunities impacting their businesses, while protecting and strengthening brand value. 

The JUST ETF is a live accounting of how companies that deliver value for their workers, customers, communities, and the environment, deliver value for their shareholders, as well. These are the companies that understand they are of society, not apart from society.

As we look ahead to the next five years of the JUST ETF and beyond, we remain committed to demonstrating the value of just corporate leadership, as defined by the voice of the American public. 

The Investor Solutions team at JUST Capital continues to expand the suite of products tracking our in-depth company research and polling of the American public. We firmly believe that together we can create a more just and equitable marketplace that works for all Americans. Please reach out using this request form below if you have an interest in partnering with us to launch your next innovative large-cap public equity or fixed income strategy.

Note: Tracking Error of JUST ETF vs JUST U.S Large Cap Diversified (JULCD) Index is 0.1 as of March 31 2023 over 1 year.

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