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JUST Capital is an independent nonprofit information platform that seeks to measure and track corporate performance based on the American public’s definition of just business behavior.  Each year, we'll survey more than 40,000 Americans to find out what they believe defines corporate justness. From there, we'll measure how corporations are performing, based on the values of the American public. 



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Between January and September of 2015, the JUST Capital Foundation conducted a series of studies about the role of the corporation in US society. Involving over 43,000 respondents across five phases, the research produced a detailed understanding of how the US public, and many subgroups within it, view publicly traded corporations today

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JUST Capital enables corporate leaders to benchmark their performance against the public’s definition of what a just business looks like.

JUST Capital gives consumers and other stakeholders a voice in how companies should do business, and empowers them with information on how companies perform on the issues that matter most to them. 

JUST BEHAVIOR & Performance

JUST Capital measures and tracks corporate performance against the public’s definition of just business behavior.  

We have recently completed the largest survey of its kind in the US, polling over 40,000 Americans on their attitudes to business.  We are using the results to create an index of just corporate performance, that will allow users to measure how companies perform on the issues they they care most about.  

Although it is still early in our lifecycle, we want to start a new movement around this vision of a more just economy, that serves the broader best interests of all stakeholders.  A movement that gives ordinary people a voice on business behavior, and then provides all the data and tools that people need to see who the most just companies really are.  This will drive resources to the top performers, providing the incentives and rewards for more just corporate leadership.