Top 10 Companies That Treat Employees Best

As we mark Labor Day 2021, the needs of workers are squarely in the spotlight for corporate America. The country is experiencing what many have deemed a labor shortage, with workers quitting at record rates, and companies making headlines with announcements of wage increases and benefits expansions. As the country navigates through this latest phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, our polling shows the American public is continuing to look to corporate leaders to prioritize financial security, equity, and opportunity for their employees. 

That’s why we took a look at those companies leading the way on these, and other pressing priorities, for their workers. While we’ve published a more comprehensive look at the The 32 Companies Leading for Their Workers by Industry, we’ve also updated this list from 2019 showcasing the top 10 companies treating their employees best  based on our 2021 Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies

Here are the top 10 companies leading on worker issues with standout policies and practices:


Industry: Semiconductors & Equipment

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank:

NVIDIA offers a generous benefits package to invest in its employees’ work-life balance. The company’s policies include back-up dependent care, subsidized child care, and over 12 weeks of paid parental leave for all new parents. 

2. Salesforce

Industry: Software

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 7

Salesforce publishes detailed breakdowns of its workforce demographics by gender, race, and ethnicity, to show progress against its goal of reaching 50% representation of underrepresented groups in its U.S. workforce by 2023. The company’s tactics for reaching this goal include scorecards detailing “headcount, hiring, attrition, and promotion data” by gender and race.

3. Microsoft

Industry: Software

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 1

Microsoft led the 3% of companies we rank that committed to financially support workers through the COVID-19 crisis by continuing to pay its contract workers during facility and store closures – including 4,500 hourly service vendors in the Pacific Northwest despite reduced in-person hours at its headquarters.

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4. Workday

Industry: Software

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 18

Workday provided new measures to guarantee the financial stability of its workforce during the pandemic, offering additional support in the form of one-time bonuses and need-based grants available through a pandemic-specific employee relief fund.

5. JPMorgan Chase

Industry: Banks 

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank:

JPMorgan Chase is one of the few among companies JUST evaluates to disclose its non-white to white pay ratio. The company’s latest pay equity analysis reveals that it has almost entirely closed the pay gap between white and non-white employees, with minority employees earning, on average, $0.99 for every dollar earned by their white peers. 

6. Bank of America

Industry: Banks 

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 12 

Bank of America publicly discloses the composition of its U.S. workforce by job category, gender, race, and ethnicity – with its latest disclosure showing that minorities comprise 47% of its workforce. The company also has a longstanding initiative to empower women through programs like Returning Talent and the Diverse Leader Sponsorship Program, among others.

7. Intuit

Industry: Software

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 44 

Intuit provides a living wage and a high median wage for its workers, and in 2020 continued to pay its contract and hourly service workers through interruptions to business operations and office closures due to COVID-19.  

8. Intel

Industry: Semiconductors and Equipment

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank:

Intel is the only company JUST ranks to release Component 2 of the EEO-1 form, providing a complete breakdown of company salaries by seniority, race, and gender. In 2019, Intel also achieved its goal of gender pay equity among its global workforce. 

9. Adobe

Industry: Software

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 10

Adobe offers a leading benefits package to employees, including an equitable paid parental leave policy with 16 weeks of leave for mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents. Adobe also provides 10 paid days of sick time in addition to an unlimited paid time off policy for employees.

10. Alphabet

Industry: Internet

2021 America’s Most JUST Companies Rank: 6

Alphabet committed to paying hourly service vendors and members of its extended workforce despite reduced schedules during the pandemic. Alphabet also created a global COVID-19 fund for hourly workers to take paid sick leave, regardless of whether or not they have existing paid sick leave provisions in their country.

Note: Facebook ranked among the top companies for workers in our 2021 Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies. However, as we previously put Facebook’s 2021 Ranking “under review” and withheld its JUST Seal that denotes a company’s inclusion as one of America’s Most JUST Companies (please see this post for more background), we’ve withheld its Top Company for Workers Seal as well.


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