These issues provide a unified picture of company performance that reflects the priorities of the public. They also form the backbone of our ranking system and it is against these Drivers and Components that we measure corporate performance. The percentages reflect how much weight the public gives to each topic. The higher the number, the more important it is and therefore, the more it affects a company’s score in the JUST Ranking.

Worker Pay & Benefits 25%

  • Sponsors health insurance
  • Pays a fair wage for the industry and job level
  • Pays workers fairly compared to CEO
  • Pays a living wage
  • Helps workers prepare for retirement
  • Provides paid time off
  • Does not discriminate in pay

Worker Treatment 24%

  • Provides a safe workplace
  • Promotes work-life balance
  • Provides education and training
  • Does not discriminate in hiring, firing, and promotion practices
  • Handles grievances and layoffs fairly
  • Respects workers

Leadership & Ethics 17%

  • Follows laws and regulations
  • Has leaders with integrity
  • Is truthful in advertising and labelling
  • Pays fair share of taxes
  • Minimizes political spending

Customer Treatment 7%

  • Provides fair pricing and sales terms
  • Protects customer privacy
  • Maintains strong relationships with customers
  • Does not discriminate in customer treatment

Product Attributes 6%

  • Makes products that are quality products
  • Makes products that are beneficial to health, environment, or society

Domestic Job Creation 6%

  • Creates jobs in the U.S.

Environmental Impact 5%

  • Minimizes pollution
  • Has environmentally responsible management
  • Uses resources efficiently

Supply Chain Impact 4%

  • Does not have suppliers with abusive conditions
  • Does not cause or contribute to conflict abroad
  • Does not do business with repressive governments

Investor Alignment 4%

  • Is transparent and accurate in financial reporting
  • Is profitable over the long-term
  • Provides investor return

Community Well-Being 2%

  • Maintains strong relationships with communities
  • Contributes to charitable causes