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Company Leadership & Shareholders

Americans prioritize just and ethical leadership within companies, including fair CEO-to-Worker pay ratios and adherence to laws and regulations, as well as long-term financial growth and value creation for shareholders.

Top Ranked Companies by Company Leadership & Shareholders

How we calculate Company Leadership & Shareholders rankings

Strong leadership and financial performance are the main factors that go into evaluating a company for Leadership & Shareholders, which accounts for 8% of a company's overall score in the Rankings.

  • Follows laws and regulations

    Complies with international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • Leadership acts and communicates with integrity

    Leadership behaves ethically and takes responsibility for company-related issues.

  • Maintains integrity in financial reporting

    Reports all financial matters and keeps clear and accessible financial statements.

  • Pays fair share of taxes

    Pays taxes on U.S. income at a rate that is in line with most American companies.

  • Makes a profit over the long term

    Manages operations throughout the business cycle to remain profitable.

  • Pays CEO fairly compared to workers

    Pays CEO fairly and proportionately to its workers.

  • Provides investor return over the long term

    Provides long-term gains on shareholders' investments.

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