Management & Shareholders

Americans prioritize just leadership within companies, as well as meeting the needs of investors. 87 percent of Americans agree that corporate leaders should act and communicate with integrity, and 78 percent say that companies should provide investor return.

Top Ranked Companies by Management & Shareholders

How we calculate Management & Shareholders rankings

Strong leadership and financial performance are the main factors that go into evaluating a company for Management & Shareholders, which accounts for 6% of a company's overall score in the rankings.

  • Follows Laws and Regulations

    Complies with international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • Pays Fair Share of Taxes

    Pays taxes on U.S. income at a rate that is in line with most American companies.

  • Leaders Act and Communicate with Integrity

    Takes responsibility in leadership for issues within as well as external to the company.

  • Maintains Integrity in Financial Reporting

    Reports all financial matters and keeps clear and accessible financial statements.

  • Makes a Profit Over the Long Term

    Manages operations throughout the business cycle to remain profitable.

  • Provides Investor Return

    Maintains reliable stock returns, dividend and bond payment.

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