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The products and services offered by a company are an essential measure of its just business practices, according to Americans. They believe that companies should offer fair pricing, accurate labeling, and products that benefit health, environment, or society.

Top Ranked Companies by Products

How we calculate Products rankings

The products and services offered by a company determine 14% of its overall score. In evaluating a company, we consider issues like quality, pricing, labeling, and product benefit or harm.

  • Makes quality products

    Makes products that are reliable, safe, and durable.

  • Makes products that are beneficial to health, environment, or society

    Offers products or services that are beneficial to health, the environment, or society.

  • Provides fair pricing

    Provides products and services of good value, and does not price unfairly.

  • Is accurate in labeling

    Provides products and services that have clear, accurate, and informative labeling.

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