Harvard Business Review: Can Capitalism Be Fixed by Making Companies More Just?

“And so one way you can think about what JUST Capital is trying to do is to provide that missing information or to perfect the informational endowment of our economic environment so that people can make the right choices and that would help to them produce a better set of outcomes.”

One of our proudest moments of 2019 was being selected for a Harvard Business Case study. This week, Ethan Rouen and Charlie Wang, the Harvard Business School professors who helmed the study, jumped on the HBR Cold Case podcast to explore whether JUST’s strategies for measuring corporate behavior and exerting influence are likely to be effective in improving corporate behavior. It’s a great conversation that highlights our research and some of the impact we’ve already had.

In Charlie’s own words: “Ethan had been aware of JUST Capital because of the work that he did in his dissertation. And we thought that it was a particularly interesting case because of the thoughtful, rigorous, and scientific approach that it has taken to try to develop some solutions to help improve our economy. And so we thought it was important to bring this into the classroom floor for discussion.”

Listen, or read the full transcript, here. And if you’re interested in examining our latest JUST Alpha research, click here.

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