JUST Capital Rankings Have Helped USA Financial Drive Strong Performance in Large Cap Strategies

(USA Financial)

Using data from JUST Capital’s Rankings of America’s Most JUST Companies, USA Financial has developed four account strategies that have seen phenomenal growth in assets under management (AUM). These strategies have delivered strong performance not only in 2022, but since inception. 

The strategies rely on JUST Capital’s Overall Weighted Score, which takes into account the 20 core Issues determined through our survey research across key business stakeholders. Our 2023 Rankings continue to reflect the increased interest Americans show for workers’ issues, and these investment vehicles have quickly gained support from investors who care about good performance along with issues like workers’ pay and health and safety. 

The funds have been popular with investors nationally, with a large concentration in the Midwest, and especially those in the 55+ age demographic. Because our Rankings reflect the issues that the majority of Americans are concerned about, these investment strategies appeal to investors across geography, generational divides, and political spectrums. 

“The dynamic nature of the companies that rise to the top of JUST Capital Rankings are attractive investment options,” USA Financial CEO Mike Walters told us. “And knowing that these large companies are conscious of their place in the world and responsibility for the greater good makes the JUST Capital 100 a great starting point to apply our criteria.” 

USA Financial offers four active strategies using JUST Capital’s Overall Weighted Score:

  1. JUST Capital 100 Sustainable Equity Active Freedom
  2. JUST Capital Industry Leaders Sustainable Equity Active Freedom
  3. JUST Capital 100 Sustainable Equity Active VL
  4. JUST Capital Industry Leaders Sustainable Equity Active VLR

Depending on the selected strategy, USA Financial Formulas applies proprietary formulaic criteria or its Value Line Research (VLR) Ranking to the holdings obtained from our JUST 100 and JUST Industry Leaders when managing the account.

AUM has more than doubled in these strategies, with combined AUM growth of 252.6% from December 2021 to December 2022. The best performing of the four is the JUST Capital Industry Leaders Sustainable Equity Freedom strategy, delivering an alpha of 65.45% since inception and an alpha of 18.87% in 2022.

The companies comprising these USA Financial strategies have demonstrated their commitment to delivering value to all their stakeholders, not just their shareholders. They have shown that it is possible to achieve strong performance on issues that Americans prioritize without incurring additional costs. JUST Rankings serve as a scorecard for just business behavior and these strategies demonstrate that just business behavior pays off in the long run.

If you would like to learn more about JUST Capital’s Investor Strategies work, contact our team, and if you would like to license our data, fill out this form. You can also contact USA Financial to learn more about its strategies discussed above.

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