Most Americans rank customer treatment as essential to just business behavior, second only to workers. 88 percent of Americans agree that just companies should protect customer privacy, and 82 percent say just companies should not discriminate in customer treatment.

Top Ranked Companies by Customers

How we calculate Customers rankings

A company's customer score is determined by factors ranging from discrimination policies to privacy issues. The way a company treats its customers makes up 19% of its score in the rankings.

  • Does Not Discriminate in Customer Treatment

    Treats customers fairly and equally regardless of their background.

  • Protects Customer Privacy

    Respects customer privacy and stores customer data securely.

  • Is Truthful in Advertising

    Does not mislead about its products or services in public communications.

  • Provides Fair Sales Terms

    Abides by contracts and has transparent sales and return policies.

  • Provides Positive Customer Experiences

    Assists customers with easy-to-access information and helpful staff.

  • Is Accurate in Labeling

    Ensures products have accurate and informative labeling.

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