Workers are the top priority for just companies, according to the American public, who strongly believe employees should earn a fair and living wage, work in a safe and inclusive environment, and have access to good benefits, work-life balance, and career development.

How we measure Workers issues

In 2022, the public once again prioritized Worker Issues, with the #1 Issue – Pays a fair, living wage – making up a significant 21% of a company's score in our Rankings. Altogether, Worker Issues comprise 44% of a company's score, with Americans agreeing that worker health and safety, career development, benefits, and diversity & inclusion should be among a company's top priorities.

  • Pays a fair, living wage

    Ranking weight: 21.2%   Learn more

  • Protects worker health and safety

    Ranking weight: 7.3%   Learn more

  • Supports workforce retention, advancement, and training

    Ranking weight: 7.1%   Learn more

  • Provides benefits and work-life balance

    Ranking weight: 6.2%   Learn more

  • Cultivates a diverse, inclusive workplace

    Ranking weight: 2.4%   Learn more

Top Ranked Companies for Workers

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