Workers are the top priority for just companies, according to Americans. 84 percent say that just companies should pay workers a fair wage. Americans also place high importance on workplace safety, non-discrimination, and work-life balance.

    How we calculate Workers rankings

    Americans prioritized worker issues as the top priority for just business behavior. Over a dozen components – from living wage to workplace safety – go into determining a company's score, and together comprise 23% of our scoring model.
    • Pays a Living Wage

      Covers local needs for food, housing and medical care.

    • Pays a Fair Wage for Industry and Job Level

      Appropriate for qualifications, experience, performance, and employee contribution.

    • Provides a Safe Workplace

      Protects workers from hazardous or harmful conditions in the workplace.

    • Does Not Discriminate in Pay

      Provides equal pay regardless of employee race, religion, gender, age, and more.

    • Provides Access to Health Insurance

      Provides or promotes access to affordable health insurance.

    • Does Not Discriminate in Hiring, Firing, and Promotion

      Maintains equality in personnel decisions regardless of employee race, gender, age, and more.

    • Pays Workers Fairly Compared to CEO

      Does not pay CEO excessively or disproportionately compared to workers.

    • Provides Paid Time Off

      Provides sick leave, vacation days, and leave for new parents.

    • Handles Grievances and Layoffs Fairly

      Handles grievances and layoffs appropriately, respectfully, and fairly.

    • Helps Workers Prepare for Retirement

      Offers planning and savings support, and honors financial promises.

    • Promotes Work-Life Balance

      Supports flexible working arrangements and workplace health and wellness.

    • Communicates Openly and Transparently with Employees

      Communicates effectively about mission, employees‚ job performance, and overall governance.

    • Encourages Employee Career Development

      Provides opportunities for educational, skills, and career advancement.

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